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Kennel day and agility competition

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Triggered by the 10-year anniversary of our kennel in 2008, but also because we would love to see all the dogs we bred + their family again, there will be a big kennel day combined with an agility competition on 11 October 2008. Of course, the purpose of this day is also to thank all foster homes for their love and care for our dogs. Through them, we can continue with the lines and the type of Border Collie which we and so many others love to have. And last but not least, all our puppy owners can meet the family of their own dog and get to one and the same conclusion: my dog is the sweetest/nicest/prettiest!

This day is a great opportunity for everyone to meet a lot of Border Collies of different types, sizes, ages and colors. All with their unique attributes, but in common their very social, friendly and workable character!

Participation is open to all owners and their family members of dogs that:

  • carry the name Nice of you to Come Bye
  • live in our foster homes
  • are children of our stud dogs
  • are children of Nice of you to Come Bye dogs outside our kennel
  • are a family member of a dog in one of the 4 categories above


The location for this kennel day is Dog Club Antis at Wijk bij Duurstede, The Netherlands. (Street address: Melkwegstiendweg 2, Postal code: 3962 EH). Everyone can have some drinks and snacks at the big terrain of the Dog Club while enjoying their own and each others dogs and all the activities that will take place during the day. The terrain will be open from 8:00AM, the agility competition will start at 10:00AM. At the end of this day with hopefully nice weather, we expect to start the prize giving ceremony at around 5PM.

During the whole day, a professional animal photographer, Ron Baltus, will be present to “shoot” everyone and everything. To get an idea of what his pictures look like, take a look at his site. Pictures made by Ron can be ordered through me at no cost a few weeks after the kennel day and will be a unique way to remember this hopefully very successful day.

Veterinarian Ronald Mouwen will be available for “sport fit tests” and chiropractic consultations. He can see about 15 dogs during this day. Costs are EUR 30,00 and can be paid directly to Ronald in cash.

Besides the agility competition, several other dog sports Nice of you to Come Bye dogs excel at will be demonstrated during the breaks. Think of obedience, dog disc, doggy dancing and flyball.

During the day, there will be various other activities in which anyone with a Border Collie can participate. At this moment we are planning competitions in best movement, most beautiful pricked ears, most beautiful black & white, most beautiful merle and most beautiful other color. We also plan a look-a-like contest: which dog resembles his father or mother most. Other ideas are “golden fetch” which will be a knock out race to determine which dog can fetch the most different objects. Puppies can participate per age group in a puppy race: which dog returns fastest to his mum/dad.

Agility Competition

We are proud that FCI Judge Corrie Vink has agreed to Judge our agility competition. In this competition, grade 1, 2 and 3 and veterans can compete for two different cups:
Nice of you to Come Bye cup: for all dogs bred by, or in ownership of Nice of you to Come Bye
Spontaneous Spottie prijs (named after the ancestress of our kennel): for all other dogs

We will have the following classes (ages at the day of the kennel day):

  • A - 1st grade
  • B - 2nd grade
  • C - 3rd grade
  • Veterans - dogs 7 year and older (competing in this class is not obligatory)
  • Debutants - dogs 18 months and older who have not participated in an agility competition before
  • J = Young Dogs – dogs between 12 and 18 months (that of course have not participated in an agility competition before)

We use the FCI rules, including height classes. In the Debutant class, there will be no weave, see-saw or tire. Participants in the Young Dogs class will compete in a tunnel race.

The competition will consist of 1 agility course and 1 jumping course (with exception of the Young Dogs). Both results will be added together and determine who will win the aforementioned cups.


Because of the costs related to renting the facilities, we ask for a small contribution:

To attend the kennel day: EUR 2,50 per person of 12 years and over (children up to 11 years free)
Every participant will get a free drink and a piece of cake. During the day, you can buy at very friendly prices, coffee, tea, soda’s and sandwiches.

For the agility competition: EUR 2,50 per dog

Closing date for registration: 15 September 2008

The registration will be confirmed by an e-mail with a registration number. Please use this number when transferring the payment to make the administrative process a little easier for us.

Costs can be transferred (before closing date please) to bank account 556184580 f.a.o. D.C. Boshouwers, Nieuwegein mentioning your name, name of the dog and registration number (see confirmation e-mail)

For international payments:
IBAN: NL33ABNA0556184580

If you do not take part in the agility competition, please do register all the dogs you will bring, so we will have an overview of the number of dogs and people who will attend.

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