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Several days before the kennelday, we have got the idea to make a quiz for all people present with questions about our kennel and the dogs we have bred.

The questions and answers

  1. How did we decide what our kennel name would be?
    In 1997 we have seen on TV a program about Crufts (the biggest dog show in the world) where we saw a doormat saying "Nice of you to Come Bye". It is actual a little joke with the herding term Come Bye in it to show people which breed we are breeding.
  2. Through whom did we get our first Border Collie Swift?
    Serge v.d. Zweep
  3. From which country is Taz?
    United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)
  4. What is the name of our first imported BC in the color (Australian) red/white?
  5. Name at least 5 countries from where we have imported our dogs?
    United Kingdom (Wales, Northern Ierland, England), USA, Australia, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Finland, Croatia.
  6. What is the exact day of birth of our first bred litter of Border Collies?
    August 6, 1998
  7. What is/are the name(s) of the NOYTCB dog(s) winning a first place at a World Championship Agility?
    Twister (IMCA) and Panik (FCI, team Denmark 2007)
  8. What is the pedigree name of the first born NOYTCB?
    Nice of you to Come Bye Jill
  9. Name all coat colours we have bred?
    black/white, tricolour, brown/white, brown tricolour, (australian) red/white, blue/white, blue merle, blue merle/tan, slate merle/tan, chocolate merle, chocolate merle/tan and white (we have also bred White Shepherds in the past)
  10. How many generations Border Collies are living in our house?
    3 (Spottie, Wicked and Rebel); (we have accepted the answer 4 too because Rebel has been mated)
  11. What is the name of the first bitch we have placed in a fosterhome?
  12. How many litters within our kennel name have we bred for other people?
    3 : Caleigh x Space (2005), Gail x Flash (2005) and Tycha x Choko (2008)
  13. With which dog and in which class within agility did Danielle compete on the highest level?
    Taz in C-class (third degree)
  14. How many (alive) puppies have been born in our biggest and smallest litter of Border Collies?
    The biggest litter was 9 (Wish) and the smallest 2 (Wicked).
  15. How many dogs with our kennel name are allowed to compete in agility within the FCI organization in the year 2008?
  16. Of what breeds have we raised a litter for the past 10 years?
    Border Collie, White Shepherd and as being a fosterhome Weimaraners.
  17. Which dog has run the fastest time of all within 1 year of competitions in Flyball in the year 2007?
    Flynn (Ready x Spot)
  18. What is the meaning of the name Szuka?
    Bitch (Hungarian)
  19. What is the colour of the eyes of Ready?
    1 blue and 1 brown eye.
  20. What is the nickname of Switch given by Jos Vink?
    Secret Shit (due to the fact he has .... a lot of times in the ring during agility competitions)
  21. Who has (besides us) the most Nice of you to Come Bye dogs living in their house?
    Rob and Marja Peen (Twister, Mistral, Chaser and Fujita) and Paul and Wilma (Wish, Bandit, Rock and Destiny)
  22. What is the name of our first bred conformation show champion?
    Nice of you to Come Bye Abfab's Chris (American show champion)
  23. How many promotion points did Fantom gain in 2008 competing in Grade 1?
  24. Name at least 8 other breeds who are living together with NOYTCB dogs?
    By exmaple: Dutch Shepherd (long- and shortcoated), Schapendoes, Australian Shepherd, White Shepherd, Markiesje, Coton de Tuléar, Friese Stabij, West Highland White Terriër, Old-German Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog, Hrvatski Ovcar, Papillon, Smooth Collie, Jack Russell Terriër, Schipperke, Shetland Sheepdog, Australian Kelpie, Miniatuur Bull Terriër, Great Dane
  25. What is the total amount of points ( ± 5%) gained by Rob and Twister during the competition in Grade 3 in the year 2007?
  26. What kind of "work" is Jerry-Lee (Austria) besides agility also in training for?
    SAR (Search and Rescue)
  27. What was the exact age of Mika gaining her first promotion point in Grade 1?
    18 months and 1 day
  28. Sidda is at the moment living in a fosterhome, what purpose will she eventually be trained for?
    Assistance dog for the disabled
  29. Which NOYTCB dogs are allowed to compete in Grade 3 (class C) during the year 2009 (FCI)?
    Twister, Kaos and Mischa
  30. What is the pedigree name of our last imported dog?
    Hob Nob Nice of you to Be Eager

The result

  1. Miriam Vriens - 27 points
  2. Marjelle Maljaars - 25½ points
  3. Marieke Dijkman - 21½ points

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