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Other aspects of the exterior

More information on the genetic basis of exterior properties can be found in the article Coat colour genetics.

The "full size pictures" often show a larger part of the dog.

Colour of the eye

The eye should have a brown colour with all coat colours; only merle colours can have blue eyes. This does not prevent Mother Nature to have a different opinion sometimes.


This is the most common colour, which varies from dark brown to a lighter brown. Black and white Borders usually have darker eyes than Border Collies with a lighter coat colour.
Full size picture of Swift (54K JPEG)


Only allowed with Merle colours, sometimes seen with other coat colours.
Full size picture of Blue(44K JPEG)

Odd eye

Each eye has a different colour; one is blue and the other one is brown.
Odd eye
Full size picture (72K JPEG)


Pricked ears

Also called erect ears.
pricked ears
Full size picture of Spottie (42K JPEG)


Not hanging like the ears of a Cocker Spaniel. The base of the ears is erect and the rest hangs from the head. The range goes from a quarter erect 'til three quarters erect.
Hanging ears
Full size picture of Taz (60K JPEG)


Ears are almost pricked, only the final tip hangs.
Tipped ears
Full size picture of Chili (16K JPEG)

Picture by Sari Solanti (Pikkupaimenen Border Collies)

Coat length

Long hair

The long hair variant is the most common. The dogs have a rather rough water-resistant coat, which protects them well from the weather. The coat length varies from dog to dog.

Smooth coated

The smooth coated Border is quite common. This coat type is not really wanted at exhibitions.
Smooth coated Full size picture (48K JPEG)

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