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In Memoriam Ready

For many years you’ve lived for me
You’ve made my life complete
You filled my life and heart with joy
‘Twas fate that we should meet

You filled the space within my heart
That needed me to care
You took my life and held to me
My troubles you would bear

I’ve loved you more than any friend
Your love surrounded me
Your presence overflowed with joy
Much more than I could see

But years are cruel and will not stop
They take, but seldom give
I’d fight for just one day with you
But time has none to give

You’re in my mind, you’re on my breath
You’re each beat of my heart
You’ll never be a memory
Because we’ll never part

Please don’t regret my sickness now
You’ve helped to ease my pain
I’ve lived within your love’s embrace
Please know we’ll meet again

Be strong for me this last short time
Resolve and heart stay steady
I thank you for years we had
I’ll always be your Ready

thanks to my dear friend Maggy Peacock

Copyright © 1998-2013 Jigal van Hemert & Danielle Boshouwers
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