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Help for searching dog names

The rules for searching are rather simple:
  • Do not use diacriticals (you can use them but the search program will replace them by the corresponding letter(s): é -> e, æ -> ae, ö -> o).
  • Use '?' to replace one unknown character (for example: t?m selects: tam, tim, tom)
  • Use '*' to repace zero or more unknown characters (for example: t*s selects: tess, thomas, etc.)
  • Use at least one letter in a search.
  • Do not use interpunction in a search (a number of these characters will be removed to prevent incorrect results, if necessary use a '?' instead).

Some examples to illustrate the use of ? and *:

  • *or* : all names which contain the letters 'or' next to eachother, including the names that start or end with 'or' (Orpheus, Boris, Andor).
  • ?*or*? : all names which contain the letters 'or' next to eachother, excepting the names that start or end with 'or' (Amore, Boris).
  • ?e : all names with a length of two characters, that have an 'e' as the second character (Be, Le).
  • ?e* : all names that have an 'e' as the second character (Be, Beamer, Le, Renza).
  • *ers : all names ending with 'ers' (Chalmers, Flitters, Peters).

The alphabet underneath the search form consists of quick links to searches for a*, b*, etc.

Advanced search

The engine searches for names that meet all the selected criteria; if one chooses gender: bitch and meaning: movie, a search for names that are suitabe for bitches AND that have the word 'movie' in the meaning, is made.

At least one of the fields 'Name' and 'Meaning' must be entered with at least on letter or number.

Directions for each field:

See the directions at the top of this page
The text that is submitted is searched for in the language field; e.g. 'english' results in 'english', 'old english', 'english, french', etc.
Searching for 'bitch' results in names suitable for bitches only and names suitable for both dogs and bitches. Searching for 'both' results in names suitable for both bitches and dogs. Names that have no gender data in the database are not shown.
The text entered in this field is searched for in the meaning. Searching for 'go' could retrieve names with for example the words 'go', 'goes', 'goofy', etc. in the meaning.

Note that: by far not all names have a language, gender and/or meaning present in the database. Although we search for the origin of names and spend hours processing this data, we rather depend on the visitors - that is you!! - for this. If you know something about the origin of a dog name, please take the time to enter the information and share it with us.

If you have any suggestions on how to simplify the search or if you have suggestions for extra search options, please contact us. We will certainly try to include these suggestions to improve the name search service.

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