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Litter August 6, 1998

Month 13

To celebrate their first birthday the youngster (together with friends and family) went on a day trip. The day started with a 'beach party' on a little sandy beach on the river 'Lek'. The pictures below were made there.

The whole gang
From left to right: Gizmo, Jill, Swift, Blue,
Gwen, Spot, Taz, Twister, Shep, Lynn, Gayle.
Full size picture (30KB JPG)

After a crazy festival of swimming an playing the group left for the sheep. For many a dog this was the first encounter with these balls of wool. Most of them seem to understand pretty fast what to do with these sheep. Remarkable was that as far as talent is concerned every dog went to exactly the right owners; the only 'pup' that only wanted to play with the sheep lives with a family of fanatic agility people. For the rest everyone was convinced that he or she got precisely the right dog.

The pictures

Gizmo has grown to be a strong dog.
Full size picture (36KB JPG)
Twister was more interested in playing than in posing.
Full size picture (51KB JPG)
Jill has become a sturdy lady who can stand up for herself.
Full size picture (49KB JPG)
Lynn resembles her mother more than any of her brothers and sisters.
Full size picture (41KB JPG)

On this sunny day the occassional walker was surprised by an unexpected display: eleven Border Collies having the time of their life. After a very short time they seemed to be one big family again.

11 Borders
On your marks, get set,...
Full size picture (33 KB JPG)

Portret gallery

Full size picture of Gizmo (37KB JPG)
Full size picture of Twister (63KB JPG)
Full size picture of Jill (55KB JPG)
Full size picture of Lynn (38KB JPG)

And for dessert a very wide picture (the full size version, that is) of the entire team. From left to right: Swift, Taz, Shep, Blue, Gwen, Twister, Gizmo, Gayle, Spot, Jill and Lynn.

11 Borders
Full size picture (66KB JPG)

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