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Litter August 6, 1998

The delivery

One day before the delivery Spot shows off her fat belly.

Spot's belly

Thursday August 6, Spot becomes restless around 17:30 and starts to walk circles inside her whelping crate. Every now and then she squeaks and pants, and sometimes she licks herself.
Around 18:00 she wants to go outside. While her posture looks like she's defecating an amount of fluid is released. Swiftly she's brought inside. After a few contractions the first pup is born at 18:06.

Pictures of the delivery

The fourth pup gave us the opportunity to make a series of pictures of the birth process.
Delivery 1 Delivery 2
The head is bearly visible (see arrow). A larger part of the pup becomes visible.
Delivery 3 Delivery 4
The pup is almost born. As the pup sees the light the membranes are removed and the umbilical cord is chewed in half.
Delivery 5
The pup is licked clean and dry.

A few hours later...

At the end an overview of the entire litter...

All seven in one shot

and one of the proud mum with her offspring.

A proud mother

Full size picture of Spot (59KB JPEG)

Next week

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