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Litter December 21, 2004

The mating

Exactly on the expected date, Wicked started her season on October 11, 2004. ON day 9 of her season, we went for the first time to the vet for bloodtesting and measuring the progesterone level. We were in shock being told the level was already so high she needed to be mated right away. Unfortunately Space and Wicked thought differently. But finally in the middle of the night, dark and quiet, they had a succesful mating.The next 4 weeks will be very exciting to see the first signs of prove it was indead succesful.

In about 4 weeks, we will have an ultrasound made to see if we can indeed look forward to the pups from this fantastic combination.

Watch this page carefully, we will keep you updated!.


We could not wait any longer, so on day 27 counted from the mating, we went to the vet for an ultrasound. It was so exciting because we knew we were late with this amting, but were very much afraid we were TOO late. But thankfully, after shaving her belly and putting the machine on it, we could easily find several sacks filled with a little puppy. So no doubt about it, in 5 weeks from now we will welcome the first children of our Wicked.

Full size picture

The final 2 weeks

The final 2 weeks of the pregnancy of Wicked have started now. Wicked still acts like her normal self, but now wonder while her belly is hardly growing. So we think we have to go for a small litter, but we dont care, we will love them all, no matter if they are with 2 or with 10.

7 weeks pregnant
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Final week

Only one week to go before a new generation Nice of you to Come Bye Border Collies will see the light. Ofcourse we have already started with daily taking the temperature of Wicked so we hope to know a little bit more exact when to expect the delivery. Is she going to be perfect on time, or will she wait to have Christmas puppies.....

8 weeks pregnant
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What happened next

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