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Litter February 16, 2005

The mating

I believe this is probably the most nervous wracking litter I have ever planned. Caleigh lives with us since end July 2004, whiel we wer expecting her season around Mid/End August. But Caleigh obviously had other ideas because it took us till November 16 before we noticed the first drops of blood. One week later we started with bloodtesting to measure the progesterone level, but instead of a decrease we noticed an increase, meaning the heat was over. Thankfully she started bleeding gain and much more heavy at November 29. We have started on December 6 with bloodtesting, but not before December 14 we got the green light for mating in 24 hours which perfectly succeeded by Space and Caleigh. On December 16, this mating has been succesfully repeated, so all we can do now is going to wait for the next 4 weeks to see if all this effort will lead to anything good.

Learning to know each other
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The mating
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Full size picture The tie
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In about 4 weeks, we will have an ultrasound made to see if we can indeed look forward to the pups from this fantastic combination.

Watch this page carefully, we will keep you updated!.


On January 12, we went to the vet for an ultrasound. Thankfully, after shaving her belly and putting the machine on it, we could easily find several sacks filled with a little puppy. So no doubt about it, in 5 weeks from now we will welcome the first children of our Caleigh.

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The final 2 weeks

The final 2 weeks of the pregnancy of Caleigh have started now and everything goes perfect. Caleigh is acting like she does not care at all and her belly is growing nicely.

7 weeks pregnant
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Final week

We are counting the last days till finally this so much wanted litter will be born. Caleigh is still doing perfect, her belly continues growing slowly and she enjoys all the attention she becomes from everybody. All we have to do is place the litterbox and install the puppycam, so everything will be ready for hopefully an easy delivery.

8 weeks pregnant
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What happened next

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