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Litter February 27, 2005

The mating

On December 19, 2004 we received a phonecall from the fosterhome where Whisper is living that she started her season the night before. On December 26, we went over to collect Whisper for her mating. Because the studdog of our choice, our own red merle Ready is living with us and we have completely faith in him pointing the perfect date, we decided not to go for bloodtesting. On December 28, Ready made it very clear it was the right day for him and thankfully Whisper fully agreed. In the next few days we had several repeat matings, so that concluded in a total of five succesful matings and ties. Counting from the first mating, the expected birthdate will be February 28, 2005.

The mating
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The tie
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In about 4 weeks, we will have an ultrasound made to see if we can indeed look forward to the pups from this fantastic combination.

Watch this page carefully, we will keep you updated!.


On January 27, 2005 (day 30 counted from the first mating) we went to the vet for an ultrasound. According to the fosterhome there was no doubt of her being pregnant and yes, after shaving her belly and putting the machine on it, we could easily find several sacks filled with a little puppy. So no doubt about it, in 5 weeks from now we will welcome the first children of our Whisper..

The final 2 weeks

Counted from the first mating, it will only take 2 weeks till the expected delivery date. Whisper is still living with her fosterfamily where she is treatened like a princess with lots of cuddles and attention. From next week on she will stay with us and ofcourse we will cherish her also very much. As can be seen, her belly is growing nicely.

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
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Final week

Last Saturday we collected Whisper from her fosterhome and she was very happy and crazy to be back home with us again. But she easily got quiet and now she is resting and sleeping a lot in her whelpingbox and the litterpen which we have set up for her. Only about one week before we will welcome her kids and ofcourse from proud daddy to be Ready.

8 weeks pregnant
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What happened next

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