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Litter July 13, 2006

The mating

On Friday May 5, 2006 we noticed the starting of the season of Blaze, so on Friday May 12, 2006 we went to the vet for the first progesterone testing. Because this will be her third litter and the two previous ones she was mated between day 10 and 12, we were expecting the same this time.

The shock was big when the vet told us she was going to be ready any day now and 2 hours later after the result of the bloodtest, we knew we had to hurry and could not wait till after the weekend as planned and hoped. On Saturdaymorning around 9.00 AM, Blaze and I left for the long trip to Austria where we arrived at the place of her new lover Cody at 8.00 PM and we very quick got the first mating. The next day we had another succesfull mating so we have left Austria around 2.30 PM and arrived during the night with a little over 2300 kilometers on the clock.....

Ofcourse we will have the vet make an ultrasound in 4 weeks from now, so keep a close look on this page.

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The mating
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The tie
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The lovebirds
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On June 12, 2006 (day 30 of the pregnancy) we went to the vet for the ultrasound. Although we already had the feeling, she surely is pregnant (all differences in behavior and looks are there), we were not expecting to see a lot of little puppies. It seems Blaze thinks she needs to give us some extra more after her small litter of 3 puppies last year, but according to the Vet we can count on probably over double the amount...... All we can do is try to wait patiently and hope for not too much heat this summer so Blaze will feel alright.

Left 1 puppy, right 3 puppies close to eachother

The final 2 weeks

Only 2 weeks to go before the puppies will be born, but these final weeks/days always seem to go more slowly than the other time. Although we as humans all are having a hard time with the very hot temperature around here, Blaze still prefers to be outside lying in the sun, instead of going inside with the cooling fan; strange doggie..... In the meanwhile we have set up the whelping box for the still growing mum to be and we hope to be able to install the puppycam next weekend so everybody can see the upcoming delivery.

Fat belly!
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7 weeks pregnant
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Final week

The final week has come and we are feeling very sorry for Blaze, especially also because of the very hot weather. We are very excited to see what she will give us this time and it is hard to wait. Blaze is very huge, sleeps and pants a lot and has more and more trouble moving and walking. She is comfortable in her whelping box and puppypen and we have started taking her temperature three times a day, so everything is set for the birth.

8 weeks pregnant
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What happened next

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