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Litter January 1, 2000


November 2nd. Spottie was in heat and stood still when 'her' Swift approached her. After the mating the stud dog and the bitch are 'tied' because of a swelling of the penis. This 'tie' can last for 20 minutes.

Tie after mating
Swift and Spottie are tied after the mating.
Full size picture (40KB JPG)

During the days that followed the mating was repeated a few times, just to be sure. After that a time of waiting started, since the first ultrasound can only be mad after the 28th day.

The ultrasound

Just like a human pregnancy the development of the puppies can also be monitored by making an ultrasound. After the 28th day the vet can check whether the bitch is pregnant or not. Counting puppies is very difficult, so most veterinarians only want to tell you whether there are no pups, one or two, or more than two pups. Spottie's ultrasound showed four pups, so it's 'more than two'. The ultrasound of her previous pregnancy showed also four pups and she produced seven pups. The number of pups you see is only an indication.

Vet makes ultrasound
The vet (on the right) makes an ultrasound. Behind him you can see part of the monitor screen.

At the 42nd day the ultrasound can be repeated. Sometimes the first ultrasound doesn't show any pups at all, and the second one does.

The pictures below were taken around the 42nd day.

Ultrasound image Ultrasound image
Two ultrasound images. The pups are marked with a red colour.

What follows

Every week an update will be made with the events and the pictures of that week.

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