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Whisper x Tyler

The mating

On August 4, 2006 (so 1,5 month too early) we noticed the season of our Whisper. Suddenly everything became very hectic because after some days we were told by some very reliable sources some things about the lines of the studdog to be, which we did not want at all to enter our kennel. This proves how much resource you have done and although we know so much about so many lines, we can never know everything and we are just simple people who can mistakes aswell. Health is extreme important to us and we will never dare to take any risk considering this matter, and because we had no reason to doubt the information we received (we will never listen to rumours, but do believe in the truth), we were anxious to find a new studdog. This was not as hard as expected because we knew two wonderfull dogs living in Germany who has caught our eyes some time ago. While there was one of the two who was not approved for breeding yet through the German Breedclub (due his young age), we ofcourse still had one excellent male available which we choose for more than 100%.

After only 1 progesterontest we already received the green light for a mating after 48 hours, so on wednesday August 16, 2006 we drove up to Germany where we were very much welcomed by breeder/owner Sonja and ofcourse Freestyler Red Sensation von Sumelocenna. Experienced studdog as Tyler is, the mating was no problem at all. We have very much enjoyed the fact that only shortly afterwards, the two lovebirds worked some sheep next to eachother, showing us that work always is much more inportant than making love. One day later we had another succesfull mating and tie, before we went all the way back to the Netherlands. Counting from mating one, we are expecting the black/white, tricolour, blue merle and blue merle/tan puppies around October 17, 2006.

Playing together in beautifull Germany.....
Full size picture
..... the mating.....
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.....and the tie.
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The newly weds
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Together working.....
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..... at the sheep
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Pretty soon after the mating we already had a much better feeling than 6 months ago when unfortunately Whisper stayed empty. Besides this feeling, we got several little indications we sure were having more luck this time. Today during the ultrasound we got the proof we were right with our feeling and thoughts. We have seen several little puppies so all we can do now is enjoy the fact Whisper will grow bigger and bigger each day and count the days till she will give birth to her new babies.

Full size picture

Final 2 weeks

With just only 2 weeks to go, we notice the growing belly of Whisper more and more. At this moment she weighs 18.6 kilogram, which is 2.5 kilogram heaver than during the ultrasound (3 weeks ago). At this moment she is still staying with her fosterfamily and brother Kaos but at the beginning of next week we will get her home here with us to be sure she is fully ready and happy for the delivery.

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture

Final week

In the mean time we have collected Whisper from her fosterhome. After a very happy greeting towards her mother Spottie and sister Wicked, she noticed the puppypen and litterbox and went straight in with a big smile on her face saying: this is mine! It is always so wonderfull to see how a dog, who has been away for a long time, feels at home right away and is accepted by the rest of our pack without any problems at all. Ofcourse we have started taking the temperature of Whisper several times a day so we hope we know a little bit more precise when the delivery will start. All we can do now, is wait......

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture

What happened next

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