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Litter December 30, 2006

Around the birth

Although we had seen 6 puppies on the ultrasound, we were already expecting the litter to be smaller. The belly of Bizzy was not that much growing at all and definately not as big as you would expect a bitch carrying around 6 puppies would be. Unfortunately sometimes it happens (for us the first time in our kennel) that puppies are aborted at a later stage without the bitch showing any symptoms at all. About a week before the expected date of delivery (counted from the the first mating) we started measuring the body temperature of Bizzy. We measured a temperature between 37.5 and 38.0 degrees Celsius. On Fridayeventing December 29 we measured 37.33 degrees Celsius, but we thought this was a false dropping: now we know we were so wrong. Bizzy is just as naughty as her mother Blaze who also showed with her first litter hardly any temperature drop at all.

The birth


Time Gender Color Weight
16:16 dog black/white 320 g
17:32 dog black/white 270 g
18:58 bitch black/white 250 g

Ofcourse we are a little bit disappointed having only 3 puppies, but we are also extreme proud and happy with this gorgeous set of triplets. All three of them look wonderfull and we have really enjoyed seeing a newby mother giving birth to her first litter. Without any problems the first puppy was released and cleaned, only when he started to wean a little bit, Bizzy looked shocked and curious what this little creature was. But her motherly feelings came back right away and after some searching and a little help, the little fellow found his way to the nipple and started to suckle right away.

After each puppy being born, Bizzy took a long rest, but the others arrived also without any problems into this world and found their way to the milkmachine quickly. This is going to be the place we will find them a lot the next few weeks, thats for sure.


Full size picture. Full size picture.
Full size picture. Full size picture.
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Full size picture. Full size picture.


dog 1
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dog 2
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Full size picture.

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