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Flyer x Ready

The mating

About 2 months later than expected, Flyer finally started her season at November 24, 2006. The good thing of using your own studdog, and especially when it is such experienced as Ready is, is the fact you don't need to do bloodtesting to see when the right time for a mating is there because he will tell. But still we were a little surprised and worried when already on Friday December 1, Flyer started to flirt with Ready very heavily but he was not interested at all in her. Also the next two days, Flyer tried everything to convince Ready she was ready for a mating, but after a little check up under her tail, Ready was very strict and ignored her completely.

Things suddenly changed on Monday December 4 so the first mating was there very quickly without any problems. We will repeat this mating the next few days as long as the love couple is willing to do so.

Counting from the first mating, we are expecting those highly workable puppies to be born around February 5, 2007

The mating...
Full size picture
and the tie.
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We have never been more sure before making an ultrasound about the pregnancy of the bitch. Pretty soon after the mating, Flyer changed her character drastically: she did not want to play with the other dogs, is extreme focused on food, decided she did not have to obey us anymore and thought she could jump on our laps all the time. We could also feel a little belly coming up and her nipples started to enlarge and became more pinkish of colour. But to be 100% certain, we went anyway to the vet on January 2, 2007 (day 29 counted from the first mating) to make her an ultrasound where our presumes were confirmed. Because the amount of puppies seen at the ultrasound of Bizzy was so wrong, we did not want the vet to cunt exactly this time, but we do know, she is heavily pregnant....

Left: a puppy, right: 2 amnion sacks next to each other

Final 2 weeks

With just only 2 weeks to go, the belly of Flyer is starting to show every day a little more. Our biggest problem at this moment is to keep Flyer a little bit quiet. She still believes she can be on top of the world, jump of and on on everything, race and fly through the house and the garden and why she cannot come with me anymore for agility training, she has not clue at all. When she is walking we can see a big belly wobbling, so at this moment she is called: fat cow....

7 weeks pregnant
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Final week

We are trying to keep Flyer as quiet as possible in her whelpingbox and puppypen, because our very busy lady thinks she still can be all over the place. We will all be very happy when the puppies are safe and sound into this world and we hope Flyer will have more maternal feelings, just right know she is not taking any rest at all for her ever growing belly. Ofcourse we know for sure these puppies will be very active, because they are going through lots of action right now....

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture

What happened next

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