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Litter February 2, 2007

Around the birth

A small week before the expected deliverydate we started measuring the bodytemperature of Flyer so we hopefully could know when the delivery would start. Due the reason Flyer has been mated from Monday to Thursday, it is hard to tell exactly what the expected day would be. On Thursday February 1, 2007 we noticed a small decrease of the temperature which went more down later that evening. We already knew by then we were going to have a very early delivery but we trusted the fact that Mother Nature would not let these puppies be born if there was any chance they could not survive. At the end the puppies have been born on day 60 counted from the first mating.


End result:

Time Gender Color Weight
15:45 bitch black/white 190 g
16:17 bitch blue merle 250 g
16:41 bitch chocolate merle 260 g
17:58 dog black/white 230 g
19:07 dog chocolate merle 190 g
19:25 dog brown/white 250 g
19:45 bitch blue merle 220 g

The whole delivery has been done in typical Flyer style: quick and fast! The first puppy was halfway out when Flyer jumped up and tried to run away. thankfully I was able to catch her and her puppy. The puppy has been born within it sacks and with his afterbirth still connected, but the only thing Flyer did at that moment was staring at this very strange creature and asking me to take it away while she was hiding in a corner of her litterbox. We helped the puppy to release itself from the sacks and showed her to Flyer, but it took several minutes before Flyer was ready to forfill her maternal duties. She started to lick the little one and from that moment on, she is being the perfect mother to all her puppies. The first three puppies arrived within 1 hour so after puppy 3 Flyer took a little rest. We were going to take her outside for a little whee, but there was the real Flyer back on line: she started to jump and run in the garden like she didn't just deliver 3 puppies and having some more on the way.

Between number 4 and 5 there was also an hour time, but then suddenly it seemed she realised she had to catch the latest train (or was she trying to convince me we would be on time for the next agility training) because the final 3 puppies were whelped very quickly and without any problems. Although we own 2 red merle males for some years now who has produced with our bitches some gorgeous litters, we never ever had any red merles or brown puppies (because the bitches were not carrying the gene which produces the brown color) so this is all very special to us. Because the puppies have been born pretty early and Flyer is not the biggest bitch, the birthweights are pretty low, but we know for sure those little ones will grow up to be big strong real Border Collies!

Update February 4, 2007

Unfortunately...... Fridayevening Flyer jumped out of the litterbox a little bit too enthousiastic and injured one of the puppies by sratching him with a nail. The puppy had a big wound on this back from about 2-3 centimeters with underneath a big effusion of blood. Ofcourse we went right away to the vet who has given him 5 stitches. During the night the puppies has been weaning a lot so we started with giving him some painkillers Dring the day we saw a little improvement, the weaning was less, he was pretty lively although we noticed Flyer ignoring him a lot. Saturdayevening the weaning started again so we gave him a little bit more painkillers but it was not going very well. One moment he was quiet and was lying next to his mum, a little later he was crying again. Last night we woke up every hour to check on him but this morning a little before 9 he was lying by himself and felt very cold and the wound was bleeding a little bit. We thought he was already passed away but he was breathing a little bit, so we started warming him up but unfortunately after half an hour our brave little fellow gave up. We gave Flyer the opportunity to say goodbye to him and now we have to do the same.

Goodbye beautiful little fellow, our first chocolate merle male ever, but too bad, you are an angel now......

Sometimes breeding is just not fun all the time..........


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bitch 1
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bitch 2
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bitch 3
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dog 1
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dog 2
died at February 4
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dog 3
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bitch 4
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