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Nessa x Twix

The mating

A little sooner than expected, Nessa started her season on August 24, 2007. With the experience of last time in our mind that Nessa is not that keen on masculin attention, we had choosen a total of 4 possible studdogs. Our own preference was for Twixx or his litterbrother Checkmate who are living together, but while both these guys are still virgins, we had choosen also 2 other, more experience studdogs, just in case... To be absolutely sure about the right day of mating, we have tested the blood of Nessa several times at the vet for the progesterone level. Finally on September 6, 2007 we were told she should be ready for a mating so of we went to Zaandam where Twixx and Checkmate are living. I walked together with Nessa and Twix to a little park where they could freely run and play with eachother. Nessa behaved herself much better compared to last time, she really wanted to play with Twixx and flirted a lot with him but could not accept any action by Twixx towards her backend. After some time trying, we have switched Twixx for his brother Checkmate. Nessa obviously liked him much more but he could also do not much more than placing just only 1 leg at her backend. Pretty sad and a little worried we have droven back home with the promise we would try again the next morning. The next day we went again to Zaandam where this time we have choosen Checkmate right away while Nessa seemed to love him more. Nessa was more willing to co-operate but still as soon as he tried to mate her she backed of before he was even nearby the place he should be. For the last attempt we have tried Twixx again and what we have seen then, is something we will never forget. Twixx acted like he was not interested at all in Nessa, he sniffed maybe one second but then kept staring at the birds, the trees and us without paying attention to Nessa. This procedure repeated several times till suddenly he jumped on her, and probably with one lucky shot he was in and they were tied. I don't think I have ever been happier with a mating then this time. We immediately rushed over to Nessa and Twixx to hold them and told them they were the best doggies in the whole world (they were standing freely meters away from us). We have tried to mate them again the next day, but both newly weds were not interested in each other at all (they most likely already knew it was a success).

Counting from this only mating, the expected day of birth is around November 8, 2007.


Because we could not wait and were soooo anxious, we went to the vet on October 3, 2007 (day 26 counted from the mating) for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. We were so exteme happy when indead we saw several sacks filled with a little embryo in it. Now we ourselves and all the people on the waiting list can really start looking forward to the first children of Nessa coming up.

Left an embryo in its sack, right 2 amnion sacks underneath each other and 1 to the left.

Final 2 weeks

Nessa is pregnant in a beauttiful way with a nice little belly and gained already almost 5 kilograms in weigt. The playing and racing with her friend Rebel has sadly for Rebel completely stopped, all she can do now is waggling a little bit behind her. She also wants to go out more for a pee with the puppies putting pressure on her blatter. Nessa will come to live with us end of this week so the final counting is almost starting.

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture

Final week

We are starting to get more and more worried, Nessa will be the same like her mother Wish about being haevy during the pregnancy. But we have made a deal with each other she will only get 5 maximum 6 puppies, so ofcourse she will stick to that agreement. We hope that she, just like her mother, will have a nice, clear temperature drop so we will know almost exact when the first puppy will be born. But till that time, all we (and the people on the waiting list) can do is wait and chew our nails.

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture

What happened next

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