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Szuka x Switch

The mating

Totally unexpected, Szuka (pictures) started her season three months earlier than expected. We did not have to think very long because we have great expectations from the combination together with our Switch (pictures). The benefit of having own dog and bitch, is the fact they can try every day to see when the exact right day of the mating should be. First for a few days Szuka was more busy with flirting towards our other males who were ofcourse locked up when she was walking freely, but on November 20, 2007 she decided she liked Switch anyway, so we had a mating followed by a tie of 20 minutes. The next day we have repeated the mating without any problems.

Counting from the first mating, we expect the little sportive ones to be born around January 21, 2008.

The mating..
Full size picture
..and the tie.
Full size picture


Although all signs of a pregnancy were there (cuddly towards people, less appetite and a little growing belly), we went to the vet anyway for an ultrasound to have 100% prove. But thankfully the signs were correct because we have seen several little ones so all we can do now is wait till next year for the first offspring of Szuka.

Final week

Due all computerproblems a little late update but now it is really only 1 week before the first puppies of Szuka will be born. She really enjoys all the extra attention and cuddles but ofcourse especially all the extra food she is getting several times a day. She has accepted the whelping box as being hers, we will start taking her temperature three times a day, so we are getting ready for the delivery.

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture

What happened next

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