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Flyer x Chaser

The mating

Pretty much on time Flyer (pics) started her season on January 18, 2008. While all healthresults of the studdog of our choice, Chaser, concerning HD and DNA testing of CEA and TNS were already received (and ofcourse perfect), all we had to do is make an appointment for the annual eyetest on heriditary diseases. One week later during this test, we got the result everything clear, so the so much wanted mating could definately take place. After several times of blood taking for measuring the progesterone level to set the perfect mating date (while it was the first time for Chaser), we got the green light for the mating on January 31, 2008. When we arrived at Chaser's home, he didn't show any signs he was still a maiden. Without any problems at all, he flirted with Flyer on a very convincing way, what very soon resulted in a good mating followed by a tie. This mating has been repeated one day later and again without any hesitation.

Counting from the first mating, the expected delivery date of this extreme agile and workable, sportive litter will be around April 3, 2008.

The mating..
Full size picture
..and the tie.
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Just like last time, Flyer showed us pretty quick en clear she was feeling different than normal, although she still is mad like a cow and she refuses to take any step back at all. For us again the very hard job to try to slow down her a little once a while and protect her growing belly to all the crazy stuff she is doing. To be absolutely sure, we went to the vet on February 28, 2008 for an ultrasound which gave us the proof for our suspects: we will have little "Flying Chasers".

Two puppies underneath each other.
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Cross-section of a puppy.
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The final 2 weeks

This time again it seems we are paying more attention to her pregnancy than Flyer herself. She still believes she can do everything like normal and is very irritated when she cannot come with the other dogs to agility training. Her belly is growing very nicely and especially when she is walking, you can see it moving from side to side.

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture

Final week

Our usual very slim and sportive lady is becoming heavier and heavier. It is hard to imagine that normally she is flying through the agility course with so much grace and elegance, just looking at her figure at the moment. The litterbox is already placed and ready for her entrance and we will start soon taking her temperature. The counting really has begun now....

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
28-3 23.00 37.5
29-3 7.00 37.5
29-3 18.00 37.7
29-3 23.00 37.6
30-3 7.00 37.7
30-3 18.00 37.8
30-3 23.00 37.8
31-3 7.00 37.4
31-3 12.00 37.0
31-3 17.00 36.8
31-3 21.00 37.1
31-3 24.00 37.3
1-4 7.00 37.1

What happened next

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