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Whisper x Gyp


After a lot of talking with the family where our Whisper (pictures) lives we got the generous offer that Whisper could have another litter. It was a real chance and an offer we could of course not refuse. It was quickly decided who would be the father of these puppies: our own Gyp (pictures) has proven to produce pups with great working ability, super personalities and wonderful looks, both in and outside our country. We would love to use him once again for our own breeding.

On April 30th Whisper came into season and was mated without a problem on May 9th, May 10th and May 11th.

Counting from the first mating the pups from this super sporty combination are expected around July 10th 2008.

The mating..
Full size picture
..and the tie.
Full size picture


Because of her behaviour and the clear changes in her looks we decided not to have an ultrasound done. We were really convinced that she is pregnant after all.

The final two weeks

When she was seven weeks pregnant we saw Whisper again and actually we were quite shocked. I was hardly visible that she was pregnant. There was hardly any belly, her nipples were pretty much normal size (for a bitch who had a previous litter) and also her vulva was the size one expects to see in a bitch that isn't pregnant. At that point in time we really doubted that her ladyship was pregnant at all, or maybe that she had been pregnant before but that something had gone wrong with the puppies. With these doubts in our mind we went to our vet only to find that his ultrasound equipment was broken. By palpating carefully he could tell us that he felt surely one pup and possibly two. We were glad that she was pregnant after all, but a little disappointed that we had to tell so many people that there simply were not enough puppies in this litter for them.

Final week

In the mean time Whisper lives in our home and has found her position in the pack without a problem. She has of course taken posession of the pen and the litter box. She has gained some weight, but is not as big as you would expect of a lady in her eighth week of pregnancy. Well, we will wait and see. Every pup is more than welcome and we are of course very curious about what she will give. The main thing is that we hope that the pup(s) will be born in a natural way. We already made some arrangement with friends of ours who have a one week old litter of Pyrenese Shepherds to visit them in a few weeks to socialize the single puppy with other pups.


Date Time Temperature
7-7 18.00 37.72
7-7 23.00 37.88
8-7 7.00 37.82
8-7 18.00 37.54
8-7 23.00 37.95
9-7 7.00 37.90
9-7 18.00 37.93
9-7 23.00 37.86
10-7 7.00 37.07
10-7 11.00 37.06
10-7 17.00 36.63
10-7 21.30 37.01

What happened next

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