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Tycha x Choko

The mating

On July 7, 2008 I have received a phonecall from Nanda telling me Tycha has started her season. Everything considering Tycha was arranged: hip- and eyetest was perfect, DNA test for CEA and TNS was done and her pedigree was switched in name from Nanda to me to make sure the puppies will be born under the Nice of you to Come Bye kennelname. All we had to do was planning who was going to Denmark where the studdog of our choice, Choko, is living. Suddenly we thought about the fact that just during the first week of Tycha's season, there was a big agility competition taking place in Denmark with many Dutch competitors and ofcourse Choko too. I have send a SMS to Lone (the owner of Choko) for permission that one of my friends would take Choko with them to the Netherlands and thankfully she said yes. On July 13, 2008 he arrived in the Netherlands with my friends where I picked him up. Without any problems at all he went with me and some hours later entered my house and my heart. What an easygoing fellow he is and so friendly and so social towards everybody.

On Wednesday July 16, Tycha has been blood taken to measure the progesteronelevel for the right day of mating. The result was 3.8 what would say she has to be mated in 2-3 days. So on Friday July 18, Tycha and Choka have mated without any problems and we hope to do this mating again the next few days.

Counting from the first mating, the expected day of birth of this unique and very sportive litter will be around September 19, 2008.

First learning to know eachother..
Full size picture
..and than playing.
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The mating..
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..and the tie.
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Nanda (where Tycha is still living) was pretty soon convinced the mating has been a success but to be absolutely sure, she has taken Tycha to the vet on August 19 for an ultrasound. This ultrasound has shown us lots of puppies to be, so there is no doubt at all anymore.

Full size picture Full size picture

Final week

Since September 7 Tycha is living with us and although she has never been here before, she entered our house like she has been living here for years. The contact with our other dogs went also without any problems at all, she is such a sweet and nice little girl. The litterbox seems a little strange to her at this moment, she prefers to lie down on the cold floor so she is not much seen on the webcam right now. But this will surely change as soon as the puppies have been born. We will start now with taking her temperature several times a day so hopefully we can predict when the actual birth will start. And contrary to the litter of Whisper, we have no doubt at all of Tycha being pregnant and also no fear it will only be one puppy....

8 weeks pregnant
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Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
12-9 23.00 38.10
13-9 7.00 38.10
13-9 17.00 37.95
13-9 23.00 38.01
14-9 7.00 37.85
14-9 23.00 37.92
15-9 7.00 37.82
15-9 17.00 37.44
15-9 23.00 37.92
16-9 7.00 37.62
16-9 12.00 37.62
16-9 18.00 37.72
16-9 22.45 37.57
17-9 7.30 37.37
17-9 12.00 37.06

What happened next

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