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Wicked x Switch

The mating

Our 'men' made it very clear to us on September 6th that Wicked (photos) was in heat. A year ago we planned on making the combination with Switch (photos) but Wicked came in heat a lot later than expected. This turned out to be incompatible with our other plans. Half a year ago she came in heat during agility season, so we had to wait for this time to turn our plans into reality. The main advantage of having some experienced stud dogs around the house is that hey can indicate when the optimal time for the mating has come. Switch was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that September 16th was the day and he was right: a successful mating! This mating was repeated a number of times during the following days until after four days the couple finally wanted some peace and quiet.

Counting from the first mating we expect the pups from this very sporty and unique combination around November 18th 2008.

The tie.
Full size picture


Although it became clear pretty quickly after the mating that Wicked was indeed pregnant (her character changed dramatically, just like previous times) we had an ultrasound made five weeks after the mating. Luckily our suspicions turned out to be correct because there were a number of embryos visible. All we have to do now is to enjoy a very cudly character and meet her demands to constantly pet her ever growing belly.

Full size picture

The final 2 weeks

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture

Final week

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
13-11 22.30 37.98
14-11 7.00 37.92
14-11 18.00 37.72
14-11 23.00 37.72
15-11 7.00 37.80
15-11 23.00 37.95
16-11 7.00 37.86
16-11 17.30 37.53
16-11 22.45 36.77!

What happened next

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