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Szuka x Red

The mating

On May 10, 2009 our Szuka (pictures) has been mated for her second litter to the gorgeous and highly workable Elegance in Red.

Based on this mating, the expected day of birth for this wonderful combination will be around July 12, 2009.

First getting to know eachother...
Full size picture
..than the mating.
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The tie.
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Hot, tired but happy.
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On June 9, 2009 (day 30 counting from the mating) we went to the vet for the making of an ultrasound. Although all signs of a pregnancy were there, we wanted to be absolutely sure and thankfully we got the confirmation right away. We have seen several little, filled amnion sacks so now the long period of waiting is there again, both for us aswell as for all the people on the waiting list!

2 embryo's next to each other
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1 embryo
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Final week

Since a couple of days Szuka is back home, like she has never been away. All our other dogs are very happy she is home again and Szuka herself just enjoys all the attention, the cuddles and mostly the large amounts of food she gets several times a day. In the mean time we have started also with taking her temperature a couple of times a day so hopefully we will know a little bit when the delivery really is going to start.

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
7-7 22.00 37.72
8-7 7.30 37.85
8-7 18.30 38.04
8-7 23.00 37.88
9-7 7.30 37.72
9-7 17.30 38.16
9-7 22.30 37.85
10-7 7.30 37.52
10-7 11.30 37.82
10-7 18.00 37.53
10-7 23.00 37.53
11-7 6.00 36.99
11-7 10.00 37.37
11-7 13.30 37.19
11-7 16.30 37.22

What happened next

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