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Litter November 10, 2001

The mating

Spottie came into season on August 26. After "testing" several times with our own stud dog Swift, we noticed that she was ready for mating on day 11, September 6. That morning we started our long journey to Bramstedt in Germany where her lover Tac was waiting for her.

After a bit of playing and sniffing...
Full size picture
...the actual mating takes place.
Full size picture
Then there is the tie which lasts for about 20 minutes ...
Full size picture
...afterwards both dogs clean themselves and take a break.
Full size picture

During the days that follow the mating has been repeated, just to be sure. Then the difficult time of waiting starts, because only after 28 days the first ultrasound can be made.


On October 8th the vet made an ultrasound. The day before another vet (also one of the puppy owners) already examined Spottie and told us that she was sure that there would be mini Spotties in a few weeks. The ultrasound showed at least five pups with beautiful heartbeats. So we are confident about the next four to five weeks until the pups are born.

The embryo and amnion are clearly visible. On the right the size is displayed (distance between the marks).
Full size photo
A double photo, which shows the embryos in yellow.
Full size photo

What happened next

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