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Mika x Ennis

The mating

On July 25, 2010 our sweet lady Mika has started her season. After several progesterone tests, she has finally be mated on August 8, 2010 to the wonderfull and stunning male Rising Sun Ennis at Canyonland. We want to say a big thank you to the owner of Ennis, Ingrid, who was so nice to spend her holiday just on this day in the Netherlands!

Counting from this mating, the expected day of birth from this very promising and sportive litter will be around October 10, 2010.

Due to the fact I was myself not present at the mating and while both dogs needed some support, unfortunately there are no pics of the mating.

After the mating, posing together.
Full size picture


On September 3, 2010 (day 26 counting from the mating) we went to the vet for the ultrasound. We were extreme happy when pretty quick we noticed several filled amnion sacks. Althoug Mika tried to convince us for the last 4 weeks, nothing was different to normal, this was all the prove we needed she really tried to fool us. Within 5 weeks of time, we can sure welcome the first offspring of our special lady.

Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
6-10 7.00 37.8
6-10 18.30 37.3
6-10 22.30 37.7
7-10 7.30 37.7
7-10 18.00 37.9
7-10 23.00 37.6
8-10 7.30 37.6
8-10 18.00 37.4
8-10 23.00 37.8
9-10 6.00 37.5
9-10 18.00 37.4
9-10 22.30 37.0
10-10 7.00 36.8!!!
10-10 11.00 37.2

What happened next

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