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Jazz x Switch

The mating

One month too late, so finally on September 4, 2010 our young lady Jazz has started her season. While we were going to use our own male Switch we were not planning any progesterone tests but just let the lovebirds decide by theirselves when the right time was there. This resulted in the first mating on September 12 and the second mating on September 14, 2010.

Counting from the first mating, the expected day of birth from this very promising and special litter will be around November 14, 2010.

The mating....
Full size picture
and the tie.
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On October 11, 2010 (day 29 counting from the first mating) we went to the vet for the ultrasound. The fosterhome where Jazz is living in, was already more than convinced she had to be pregnant, but ofcourse we wanted to be sure for over 100%. And no doubt at all, the ultrasound showed us several filled amnion sacks so within 5 weeks of time, we are going to welcome the first offspring of our special lady.

3 puppies
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3 puppies in 1 view

In the center you see a little white "thing" flashing: that is the heart of a puppy.

Final 2 weeks

7 weeks pregnant
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Full size picture

Final week

8 weeks pregnant
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Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
8-11 11.00 37.8
8-11 23.49 37.9
9-11 7.55 37.7
9-11 18.35 37.9
9-11 23.20 37.9
10-11 7.45 37.7
10-11 17.00 37.7
10-11 22.55 37.6
11-11 7.00 36.8!!
11-11 13.00 36.9
11-8 19.00 36.8
11-8 23.00 37.0

What happened next

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