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Jolie x Red

The mating

On February 7, 2001 our very sweet girl Jolie has started her season. Our plan was to have her mated by a male bred by us, but unfortunately after 2 days of trying on the right time (to be secure we did progesterone testing), he still did not know what to do with such a stunning lady. Plan B was to try with his half brother, our own Switch, but just like several previous seasons, she just don't want to be mated by him. Luckily we were prepared for everything so we had also a plan C available: a visit to Belgium to the wonderfull Red (Elegance in Red). Thankfully Jolie could fully agree with this choice so within several minutes after our arrival, the mating was there followed by a good and long tie in the sunshine.

Counting from this mating, the expected day of birth of this gorgeous combination will be around April 21, 2011.

The mating
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The tie.
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After hard work, you need to take some rest
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On March 21, 2011 (day 32 counting from the mating) we went to the vet for an ultrasound. The fosterhome where Jolie is living in, was already more than convinced she had to be pregnant, but ofcourse we wanted to be sure for over 100%. And no doubt at all, the ultrasound showed us several filled amnion sacks so within 4,5 weeks of time, we are going to welcome the final offspring of our special lady.

3 puppies
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1 pup
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Final 2 weeks

7 weken drachtig
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Final week

8 weeks pregnant
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Date Time Temperature
17-4 20.30 37.7
18-4 7.30 37.4
18-4 17.30 37.0
18-4 22.30 36.7!!!

What happened next

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