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Issy x Fjerko

The mating

On April 7, 2011 Nanda's big cuddly one Issy has started her season. Our plan was to have her mated by a black tricolour male from Belgium and we were convinced all aggeements were perfectly set. When the time was almost there she was ready for the mating, this studdogowner did not have any time for us... Thankfull through the internet we have found his litterbrother (who we believe is much nicer and more handsome) and his owner did fully understand you never know way before exactly when a bitch will be ready for a mating. Based on some progesteron tests, the perfect day would be April 19, 2011 and thankfully both lovers fully agreed. Without any hesitation Fjerko (Fjerko of Dreams Forever) mated virgin Issy which leaded to a good and long tie. .

Counting from this mating, the expected day of birth of this highly promising agility litter will be around June 21, 2011.

Meeting each other
Full size picture
The mating
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The tie
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The newly wed couple!
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On May 18, 2011 (day 29 counting from the mating) Nanda went to the vet for an ultrasound. Very impressive pregnanyc signs could not easily be seen, because when you are always the most cuddliest dog ever excists, it is hard to get that worse... But the ultrasound showed us all the proof we needed so we now know for sure, within 5 weeks of time, we are going to welcome the first puppies of this special little girl.

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Final 2 weeks

7 weeks pregnant
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Full size picture

Final week

8 weeks pregnant
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Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
15-6 14.30 37.7
15-6 23.00 38.1
16-6 8.00 37.9
16-6 18.00 37.7
16-6 22.30 37.5
17-6 7.00 37.8
17-6 17.30 37.7
17-6 23.00 36.9
18-6 8.00 36.4!

What happened next

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