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Litter of January 9, 2003

The mating

Spottie came into season on October 26. To be absolutely sure about the right time for the mating, we have done bloodtests at the vet every day starting at day 11 to measure the hormone level. On November 9 the vet told us, Spottie should be mated within 24 hours. Gladly Kip thought that was an excellent idea, so the first mating took place on Sunday November 10. Funny detail, this is the first birthday of Spotties previous litter. The planned arrival of the little chickens (Kip means chicken in Dutch) is on January 11, 2003.

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We have repeated the mating once, just to be sure. Now all we can do is wait till around date 28 of the pregnancy when we will be going to the vet for an ultrasound.

Watch this page carefully, we will keep you updated!.


On December 9th (day 29 counting after the first mating) we went to the vet to let him make an ultrasound. In the last week we have seen Spotties belly grown already a little bit and by the way she acts the last few weeks, we did not really have any doubt, but we always want to be sure that we indead will get little fluffy balls in a couple of weeks. The vet counted at least 4-6 little sacks with a puppy in it so we can relax now and prepare us and Spottie for 8 weeks of great fun.

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What happened next

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