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Lizz x Siddhe

The mating

On December 31, 2011, almost 2 months later as expected, finally our Lizz (Qualified to Come Bye at Pinewood Country) has started her season. We had plans to have her mated next time, but while she was this late and we already knew Flyer is going to have a very small litter and we are having so many enquiries, we have decided to give it a try this time. Also for her litter, we will use an own young male: Siddhe (Nice of you to Come Bye Tri Bfore U Die) who will have to show his trick for the first time! Although he did not understood right away what to do with such a pretty lady, he could not resist the charmes of Lizz so after a lot of playing and flirting, we had the first mating on January 7, 2012 and Siddhe became a real man. Without any problems at all, the next day this mating was repeated untill Lizz decided one day later it was enough....

Counting from the first mating, the expected deliver date of the puppies out of this wonderfull, active and sportive, colourfull agility combination will be around March 10, 2012.

Learning to know each other
Full size picture
The mating
Full size picture
The tie
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Newly weds!
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On Tuesday February 7, 2012 (day 31 after the first mating) we went to the vet for an ultrasound. Thankfully we have seen lots of little puppies. So, after the small litter of Flyer x Dazzle this is great news for all the people on the waiting list.

3 puppies in 1 view
Full size picture
sight view of a puppy
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In the center a small blinking "thing" is visible, this is the heart of the pup.

Final 2 weeks

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture

Final week

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
3-3 23.30 37.9
4-3 9.00 37.9
4-3 18.00 37.8
4-3 23.00 37.7
5-3 7.00 37.7
5-3 17.00 37.8
5-3 23.00 38.1
6-3 7.00 37.6
6-3 17.00 37.9
6-3 23.00 37.6
7-3 7.00 37.9
7-3 17.00 37.9
7-3 23.00 37.8
8-3 7.30 37.7
8-3 17.00 37.8
8-3 23.00 37.3
9-3 6.00 36.8!!
9-3 14.00 36.9
9-3 19.00 36.8

What happened next

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