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Lynn x Ziggy

The mating

Exactly according plans, our Lynn (Canen Lynn) started her season at March 16, 2012. Last month she has turned 3 years old so we believe this is the perfect timing for her first litter. After 3 times taking blood to measure the progestronelevel and decide the perfect mating time, we got the yes of the vet on Monday March 26, 2012. At the beginning of the evening we went for the long trip to Denmark, where we were warmly welcomed at 1.30 in the morning by her lover Ziggy (Cap). Although it was the first time for both dogs, they easily felt for eachother charmes which quickly resulted in a good mating with quite a long tie of about 30 minutes. After some hours of sleep, they have done another mating at the end of the morning, with again a long tie, before we went home for another long trip. Now it is going to be a long 4 weeks of waiting till the day of the ultrasound, so we hopefully see full proof of a succesfull and productive mating.

Counting from the first mating, the expected deliver date of the puppies out of this very promising sporting/herding combination will be around May 29, 2012.

Some playing
Full size picture
The mating
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The tie
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Newly weds!
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On Tuesday April 24, 2012 (day 28 after both matings) we went to the vet for an ultrasound. Lynn had already showed her fosterparents some signs she should be pregnant, but ofcourse we wanted to be sure for 100%. Without any doubt we could easily see several little puppies in her belly, so now 5 weeks of more waiting till the delivery!

2 puppies in 1 view
Full size picture
sight view of a puppy
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In the center a small blinking "thing" is visible, this is the heart of the pup.

Final 2 weeks

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture

Final week

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
23-5 00.00 38.0
23-5 7.30 37.6
23-5 18.30 37.7
23-5 23.30 37.7
24-5 8.00 37.5
24-5 18.00 37.4
24-5 23.00 37.6
25-5 7.30 37.0
25-5 17.30 36.9
25-5 23.30 36.9

What happened next

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