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Tic Tac x Stisse

The mating

Perfectly according the planning, we were informed by the owner of Tic Tac (Nice of you to Come Bye Jump Around) that she had started her season at March 5, 2013. Normally Tic Tac is ready for mating around day 16 of her season, which is carefully told by her best friend and nephew Tjody (NOYTCB Left or Right). To be absolutely sure we went anyway for the first bloodtesting at dag 8 of her season, but this result was way under the score of 1 so indeed no signs yet. The second time of of bloodtesting was on Sunday morning March 17 (day 12), but we were pretty much in shock when we heard some hours later the progesterone level was already over 9, so mating time within 12 hours! At that moment I was joining an agility seminar of 2 (international) champs but thankfully I was able to contact my husband and ask him to book me and Tic Tac an urgent flight to Linkoping Sweden. At 4.30 PM I arrived home from the seminar, at 6.30 PM we left for Schiphol Airport to catch our plane of 9.00 PM.... Around 11.30 PM Tic Tac and I arrived at the airport in very cold and snowy Linkoping where we were welcomed by good friends/puppy owners Yvonne and Lasse. To make all planning even worse, the owner of the chosen studdog Stisse (Nice of you to Come Bye I want to be Red) is on ski holiday in more than North Sweden but thankfully she left Stisse with our friend Yvonne. Without any problems at all Tic Tac and Stisse celebrated their marriage in the middle of the night and in the heavy snow. The following 3 days they have repeated this mating several times, so we dont expect any problems with welcoming their gorgeous, highly workable and sportive litter mid May 2013.

First some flirting
Groot formaat foto
The mating
Groot formaat foto
The tie
Groot formaat foto
Just married!
Groot formaat foto


The owners of Tic Tac already noticed so many changes in her behaviour, there was really no doubt wether she would be pregnant or not. But still we wanted to be 100% sure and of course it is just wonderful to see little puppies inside a belly and their beating hearts. So on Tuesday April 16 (day 29 counting from the first mating) we went to the vet for the ultrasound which gave us underneath pictures.

side view of a puppy
Groot formaat foto
two puppies next to each otherGroot formaat foto

Several puppies can be seen.

Final 2 weeks

7 weken drachtig
Full size picture
Full size picture

Last week

8 weken drachtig
Full size picture
Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
13-5 7.45 37.8
13-5 18.00 37.7
13-5 23.30 37.7
14-5 7.30 37.5
14-5 18.30 37.8
14-5 22.45 37.8
15-5 8.15 37.5
15-5 17.30 37.7
15-5 22.30 37.7
16-5 7.15 37.5
16-5 17.30 37.8
16-5 23.30 37.9
17-5 7.15 37.5
17-5 18.00 37.2
17-5 23.00 37.5

What happened next

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