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Litter June 24, 2003

The mating

After desperately waiting for almost 2 months, Blaze finally came into season on April 13th. Also with this litter we have done blood tests at the vet every day to measure the hormone level and find the perfect day for the mating that way. The vet gave the green light on April 24 and Kip and Blaze had no problems at all with that. If possible, we will repeat this mating several times the next few days to increase the probability of some little ones in 9 weeks from now. The planned day of arrival will be around June 26th so we will keep our fingers crossed everything works out fine. After all this is the only chance we have because Kip will be going back to his mum in the USA soon..

Full size picture Full size picture
Full size picture Full size picture

Around date 28 of the pregnancy we will be going to the vet for an ultrasound.

Watch this page carefully, we will keep you updated!.


On May 23 (day 29 counting after the first mating) we went to the vet to let him make an ultrasound. Blaze already showed us last week by changing her behavior that she sure was different than normal. She acted more unfriendly towards the other dogs but very cuddly towards us. Her belly also started to grow a little bit, showing us some nice larger and more pink nipples, but we wanted to be sure these were no signs of a false pregnancy. But thankfully, as soon as the vet examined her belly, the ultrasound showed us very clearly some nice little fluid sacks within an embryo. No doubt is possible, within 5 weeks from now we will be having puppies!!!!!!

Full size picture

The final 2 weeks

Although she still has 2 more weeks to go, it looks like Blaze will explode any day now. She has gained a lot of weight and is already very heavy while the puppie sstill need to grow much more. It is very hard at te moment to get her some exercise, sleeps a lot and is panting also most of the time, all of this has ofcourse also to do with the hot weather uphere at the moment. We have made her a nice litterbox and puppyren where she sleeps most of the time. Underneath you can find some pics of our heavy lady but unfortunately because of her long and thick coat, it is very hard to see how huge she is in real life.

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture

Final week

Only 1 week to go and we are really getting currious now. What will our sweet little girl give to us, how many and when will te delivery be there. Blaze does not care at all, all she is doing is growing more and more every day and sleeping most of the day.

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture

What happened next

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