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Eager x Knoxxh

The mating

Two months earlier than expected, we noticed the first blood from our Eager (Hob Nob Nice of you to Be Eager) on July 30, 2013. After 1 time blood testing at the vet for the progesterone level, we already got the green light for a mating in 2 days, so from August 8, 2013, Eager went on sex holiday to her lover Knoxx and his owner Patries Briede. Although it was the first mating for Knoxx, after a good talk with his daddy Sam, he did not have any problem at all, which succeeded in a nice mating and a long tie. For four more days this mating has been repeated after which Eager came finally home and the long 4 weeks waiting starts till the time of the ultrasound.

Based on the first mating, the expected day of birth of this fantastic, highly workable and very promosing loitter will be around October 10, 2013.

First some flirting
Groot formaat foto
The mating
Groot formaat foto
The tie
Groot formaat foto
Just married!
Groot formaat foto


We very quickly had not doubt about a pregnancy of Eager, also based we could see and feel her nipples and belly grow pretty quickly but only an ultrasound gives 100% prove and it is always so nice to see too. So on Friday September 6, 2013 (day 29 counting from the first mating) we went to the vet for the ultrasound which gave us underneath pictures.

side view of a puppy
Groot formaat foto
even four puppies next to each otherGroot formaat foto

Last week

8 weken drachtig
Full size picture
Full size picture


Date Time Temperature
3-10 7.45 37.8
3-10 23.00 37.6
4-10 7.15 37.8
4-10 23.00 37.9
5-10 8.00 37.6
5-10 18.30 37.6
5-10 23.15 37.8
6-10 09.00 37.8
6-10 18.00 37.6
6-10 23.00 37.7
7-10 7.00 37.7
7-10 18.00 37.9
7-10 23.00 37.6
8-10 7.00 37.7
8-10 18.15 37.6
8-10 23.00 37.6
9-10 7.45 36.9
9-10 11.00 36.4
9-10 13.00 36.5
9-10 17.00 36.4

What happened next

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