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Litter March 3, 2004

The mating

At about the expected day, Wish came into season on 23rd December 2003. We immediately booked our trip to the USA where the sire of our choice lives. Of course this took quite some arranging since the planned date of departure would be around New Years Eve. On the last day of the year Wish and I left for Boston, we would stay in that area (to be precise at Cape Cod) during this "mating holiday". On January 1st we drove to Nashua NH (about 2 hours drive from Cape Cod) for the first time where Sketch was already waiting for us. This will be Wish's first litter and so this was going to be her first mating, we were anxious to see what would happen. But within 2 seconds the mating already happened followed by a tie of 8 minutes. The following days we went to Sketch every single day, eventually resulting in 5 successful matings with ties of 12, 18, 17 and 24 minutes. The last mating was a little less convincing, both dogs indicated they had had enough, so we are sure we picked the right time. On January 7th we flew back to The Netherlands, and now the extremely exciting and way too long wait has started till the first signs of actual pregnancy show. The expected day of birth counted from the first mating will be March 3rd 2004, so we will have to wait and see if this trip is going to bring us what we are hoping for so much.

In about 4 weeks, we definitely are going to have an ultrasound made to make sure we can look forward to Wish's first children.

Watch this page carefully, we will keep you updated!.


On February 2 (day 33 counting after the first mating and day 28 counting after the last mating) we went to the vet to let him make an ultrasound. Thankfully, as soon as the vet examined her belly, the ultrasound showed us very clearly some nice little fluid sacks within an embryo. No doubt is possible, within 5 weeks from now we will be having puppies!!!!!!

Full size picture

Full size picture

The final 2 weeks

Only two weeks to go before finally the arrival of the puppies, so two more weeks of excitement and hoping for the first litter with red/whites. Wish still acts great, she feels herself perfectly fine, is still crazy like hell and seems hardly to be bothered by her growing belly. The biggest change we notice is her everlasting hunger for food, she can eat all day and everything she finds. Only a little while till we will put up her litterbox and are going to start taking her temperature. The final counting is really there......

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture

Final week

The final week has started now and we can almost look the puppies out of her belly, We are so excited and curious what she will give us, it is a hard time waiting. Wish is really big now, having problems walking, still eats like crazy and sleeps a lot. Her litterbox and all other stuff is ready, so the little ones are very much welcome.

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture
8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture

What happened next

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