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Litter March 18, 2004

The mating

Spottie started her season at January 5. With the experiences from the past and the fact we have the studdog living in our house, we have decided not to take any bloodtests to measure the progesterone level. We have faith in Spotties and our experience and the good nose of Ready. Ready was not interested in her at all at January 14 and the days before but really liked her a lot on January 15, so they had a good mating followed by a tie. We will repeat this mating the next few days untill both lovers think it has been enough. Counting from the first mating, the expected delivery date will be around March 18, 2004.

Full size picture Full size picture
Full size picture Full size picture

Ofcourse we will take Spottie to the vet in about 4 weeks from now to see if Ready has done a good job, succeeding in some nice puppies.

Keep on watching this page for more news in the future.


On February 16 (day 31 counting after the first mating) we went to the vet to let him make an ultrasound. We were a little worried because we know form the past that Spottie acts much more differently than she did this time. But her belly started to grow a little, aswell as her tits. And thankfully, as soon as the vet examined her belly, the ultrasound showed us very clearly some nice little fluid sacks within an embryo. No doubt is possible, within 5 weeks from now we will be having more puppies!!!!!!

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The fnal 2 weeks

Only two weeks to go before we can welcome Spottie's last and Ready's first children. Experience mother as Spottie is, she hardly pays attention to the changes around and in her body. Her belly starts to grow a little and everything just goes perfect.

7 weeks pregnant
Full size picture

Final week

Only 1 week to go for the puppies to arrive. We already started taking daily the temperature of Spottie so we hopefully about 24 hours before she is going to start. We have the idea she is not as huge as with her previous litter, so I think we are going to get a small litter this time.

8 weeks pregnant
Full size picture

What happened next

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