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How can I teach my pup not to bite?

I have a 9 week old Border Collie that wants to chew on everything (hands, arms, legs, feet, carpet, chairs,...). I noticed that a change of voice and a pat on his nose do not help.
At the age of your dog it's normal that they want to chew on everything. Children also have such a phase when the put everything in their mouths. Dogs will chew on the object to see if they can eat it or play with it. The latter is also part of the solution: give a command that should mean "no" to your dog and exchange to chewed object for a toy. Your pup will learn that it may chew on whatever you give him (and he may always chew on those toys!).

If he bites your hand or feet the best reaction is the most obvious: "ouch!" Do give him a toy to chew on. He will learn to correctly respond to "ouch!" when he hurts someone.

Use always the same command and always use the same intonation. Always give him a toy to chew on. This way he will look for a toy whenever he feels the need to chew.

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