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My dog is aggressive to strange dogs.

My dog is aggressive to other dogs and pulls on the lead. I use a correction chain which does nothing to stop him pulling. There are other dogs in the family and he gets along with them fine, but strange dogs he does not like.
The situation you are in is a bit like a vicious circle: when a dog is on a lead he's more likely to be aggressive; when a dog is aggressive you keep him on a lead.

Another problem is that his aggressive behaviour is rewarded in the end: he sees a strange (=unfamiliar) dog, becomes aggressive and the strange dog goes away. The thing to do is to divert his attention to more pleasant things than being aggressive. You know best what your dog likes, but you could start playing with a dog toy when you see the dog (and he hasn't seen him, yet). (I'll use the example of playing from now on) This way he pays attention to you and the positive playing. When he becomes aggressive take him with you away from the dog and try to get his attention. We you have his attention start playing again. When you see a strange dog, play with him and ignore the strange dog. Your dog feels that you are tense because you know what's gonna happen and this makes him even more worked up.

The correction chain itself won't keep him from pulling. The idea was that you used this chain to give the dog a short, sharp pull and that the sound of the chain would have more effect than the pull itself. Many dogs ignore it or learn to ignore it. If they pull constantly it's more a choking chain which the dog sees as a nuisance. I myself don't use these chains, because they only ruin the coat of my dogs and are of no use to me.

If your dog knows that every time he gives you attention, he receives a reward (play, food, etc.) he will listen the first time you call his name. If you are angry with him he will understand your attitude and the way you talk to him.

Try to find a dog-training group in your neighbourhood where you can train with him to get along strange dogs.

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