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My dogs eat my house.

I have two 6-month-old brother & sister border collies. My first problem seems to slowly be correcting itself. They are finally getting the idea that their sleeping/resting room is not for emptying their bowels or bladder. However, I would like them both to have access to the entire house without any accidents or chewing. They both make holes in the walls!!! Both are super-hyper.

Borders are known to be fast learning dogs, but I have seen many pups take very long to become house broken. It took our youngest dogs also quite long to know when to relieve themselves and not to relieve in the house. The female was the first to become house broken. Suddenly she didn't do anything wrong inside her crate anymore (except for one occasion when she was ill).

The problem of a dog chewing on your furniture or other items in the house is harder to correct; especially when you are not at home. Some people use mustard, sambal (hot pepper sauce) or "bitter apple/orange" spray to keep them from chewing. The pups have to learn what they can and may chew on and what not. So if they start chewing on a forbidden object, tell them no and give them something they may chew on.

Also before you lock them up you have to make them really tired and sleepy (which can be quite hard at that age). So when you leave them alone they will most likely fall asleep right away. If you leave them alone for too long they are already awake and start redecorating your house again. It might be a good idea to build them a kennel/doghouse outside if you want and/or can keep them outside.

Try to make all the objects dog proof and try to teach them what to chew and what not to chew. When they get older they usually start to behave a bit better. It may be after they have become two years of age until you notice that they stop behaving like youngster and start to act like adults.

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