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FIN AG CH. JK1 BH Laetare Bowler Jack

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Laetare Master Class
HD 5:5
DNA CEA normal
DNA TNS normal
Brooksbid Country Classic
HD 5:4
Hawkesmere Countryman at Danvalido
HD 6:7
Grandver Ebony'n Ivory
HD 2:4
Croxlea Margaret at Laetare
HD 5:2
Draisha Ruffin
HD 3:3
Joamp Becky at Croxlea
HD 2:2
Jane at Germal Laetare
HD 0:2
Mirk ISDS 185537
Turk ISDS 174415
Floss ISDS 174365
Jess ISDS 205205
Sam ISDS 173435
Trim ISDS 187472

Geslacht [Sex] : REU [MALE]
Kleur [Color] : BLACK/WHITE/TAN
Geboren [Date of birth] : 12 DEC 2000
Fokker [Breeder] : John + Jacqui Barron, England
Eigenaar [Owner] : Jenni Leino, Finland

Heupdysplasie [Hip dysplasia]

Eindbeoordeling [end results]:


Elleboogdysplasie [Elbow dysplasia]

Eindbeoordeling [end results]:


Oogonderzoek [Eye examination]

CEA vrij op 7 weken [Free as a puppy]
en op 5 aug 2004 [and on August 5, 2004]
Membrana Pupillaris Persistens MPP vrij [free]
Persisterende Hyperpl. Tunica Vasculosa
Lentis/Primair Vitreum
PHTVL/PHPV vrij [free]
Cataract (congenitaal) CATARACT vrij [free]
Retina Dysplasie RD vrij [free]
N.-Hypoplasie/Micropapil vrij [free]
Collie Eye Anomaly CEA vrij [free]
Afwijkingen gecertificeerd voor 12 maanden: [Conditions certified for 12 months]
Entropion vrij [free]
Ectropion/Macroblepharon vrij [free]
Distichiasis/Ectopische Cilie vrij [free]
Cataract (niet-congenitaal) vrij [free]
Lensluxatie (prim.) vrij [free]
Progressieve Retina Atrofie PRA vrij [free]
Retinadystrofie PED vrij [free]

DNA/CEA test rapport [DNA/CEA test report]

Optigen no. : 05-1414
Datum [Date] 8 Mar 2005
Genotype of your dog is Normal.
Risk for developing Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia (CEA/CH): This dog will never develop CEA/CH.
Significance for breeding: This dog can be bred to any mate and will produce no pups affected with CEA/CH.

DNA/TNS test rapport [DNA/TNS test report]

Datum [Date] 18 Jun 2007
Result: not TNS
This test is for inheritance of the chromosome (TNS+ haplo) known to carry the TNS mutation. HOTNOTE GOOD NEWS did NOT inherit this chromosome from its parents, LAETARE MASTER CLASS and JANE AT GERMAL LAETARE.
This animal does NOT carry the known TNS mutation.

Sportuitslagen [Sport results]

Klasse 3 behendigheid [Class 3 agility]

Klasse 4 G&G [Class 4 obedience]

Schapendrijfwedstrijd 61/100 [Herding competition 61/100]

Geslaagd voor karaktertest met 182 punten, onbevangen voor schoten. Geslaagd voor gedragstest: titel BH [Passed character test with 182 points, unfamiliar with shots. Behaviour test passed, title BH.]

Geslaagd voor Tracking Klasse 1 (titel JK1) [Tracking class 1 (title JK1)]

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